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Acapulco Restaurant first opened its doors 15 years ago. Since then, our goal has been to serve the community the best of our family recipes and share them with the love that only a family-owned restaurant can offer.

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Our Story

Mr. Ruben Almazan and Claudia Resendiz with the kind help of their children created an environment where customers can experience a piece of the beach town of Acapulco.  Acapulco Restaurant’s mission is for everyone to experience Acapulco through all of its flavors.

Mr. Almazan, an Acapulco native, draws his culinary inspiration from the beautiful beach city. He started working at the restaurant business 15 years ago and you can find all of that experience on every bite.

Every ingredient is chosen carefully and with a dish in mind. X has honored Acapulco’s Restaurant with the title of “The Best Salsa in Northwest Arkansas”

100% Family Owned

Every customer that comes through the door is welcomed with a big smile and the warmth of one of our family members.

Fresh Ingredients

We make sure that each ingredient is chosen with a specific dish in mind. We promise that our meat is never frozen, and our vegetables are always fresh.

From Acapulco, Mexico

Our mission in Acapulco Restaurant in Springdale is for everyone to experience a bit of  Acapulco through all of our dishes.

Our Cuisine

The smell of tropical, juicy, and mouthwatering pineapple, plus the distinctive taste of onions, and a few our secret spices create a special dish made just for you. Al Pastor is one of our favorite meats in Acapulco Restaurant.

Whether in tacos, burritos or tostadas, our Mexican roots inspire all of our dishes and we want to share them with all the community of Springdale, AR.


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If you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant in Springdale (Arkansas), then you have come to the right place.


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